CLC sings

Pre-Spring Break Assembly

Second semester at Calvary Learning Center  (CLC) – Pre-Nursery through fifth grade  elementary school ended in flying colors. ALL the children passed their examinations with very high averages!!  (Clap for them).  They assembled on the last day to sing, dance, and get their grades. Those children enjoy their training and are cordially very competitive.

Kudos to the teachers who are so vested in educating children and in a joyful way.

Watch them at the end of second them assembly:



Receiving their grades … in front of the whole school:


Play ground equipment or not (yet), they find ways to play. The pre-nursery children beat the nursery children and won this tug-of-war march.


Please donate, so we can get them good play ground equipment and also build a school complete with education supporting amenities for them.  Thank you!

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