Celebrating A New Academic Year and Christmas

Calvary Learning Center (CLC) ended the first term of the new academic year (the second in the existence of CLC) with a lot of celebration and joy.

The children are quick to learn and displayed some of their talents like singing, dancing, memory verses and the alphabet in sign language. during the event.

We need Sponsors and Donors so we can buy land and build a proper school for the children who are mostly poor, disadvantaged or orphans. Your support will help us accomplish this goal, to your joy, satisfaction and blessing.  Please consider donating or sponsoring this project.

Below and pictures and videos of some of their activities from their end of year 2023 / Christmas event.CLC


The nursery and primary school children singing the school anthem : “Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary”


A little “sugugulu” twist dance









Thank you for your support.

  • Esther

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