Founder's Journey

The Genesis

The initial need was for clothing and middle school tuition. So in 1991 I started buying and shipping clothing to the villagers and their children. When my friends and coworkers noticed this, they brought the change of season clothing of their children to me. Vendors also helped me by selling me T-shirts at wholesale prices. On the other end, some of the older student sold these t-shirts and paid their tuition. We also made sure the old mothers in villagers had sweaters as the mornings and evenings were always very cold.

After having lived in the U.S. for many years and away from my village for even more years. I visited my village in 2001 on one of my vacations and noticed many children were not in school for lack of tuition. On further inquiry, I found out that elementary school tuition at the time ranged from $10.00 to $20.0 per year in most cases in the village. Even though I had for years been sponsoring youths in secondary and high school, at that moment I knew in my heart I needed to focus on sponsoring the children in elementary school, so they at least know how to read and write. I did not know what would happen after elementary school but at least I knew they would be able to read and write.

So, in 2001 I founded The Njuh scholarship Fund (named after my late grandmother who insisted my late father be sent to school though his four older sisters were not,) to send disadvantaged village children to primary school. Through this fund, more than 200 children we sponsored through elementary school. Some of the young adults have now graduated from government high schools, and technical and trade middle schools and universities! They could not have been able to do it without an elementary school education first, which The Njuh Scholarship Fund provided!

Below: The Year 2001 : One of the Lower Mbot Elementary schools sponsored. Old Church Converted into 4 classrooms: Elementary 1 – 4,

The First Presentation – Esther Teaching Success Principles at Government Bilingual High School (GBHS), Atiela, Bamenda – Cameroon

The late Lynn R. Westergaard of Resources Services Ministry (Atlanta, Georgia travelled with me to the village. 2001

Lower Mbot Baptist Primary School – Cameroon – 2001

A New Vision

In 2010, after prayers, the LORD gave me a new vision – to teach the young adults life success principles. I also focused on children’s shoes and clothing and much needed over the counter medications. I contacted the Principals of the high schools and they were very receptive to the idea.  I focused on life success principles as I noticed most of the children, young adults and even college graduates were very brilliant with formal education but needed more knowledge on how to use their natural talents and acquired knowledge as a means of living and serving the community. I was in their shoes once and without guidance I had no clue about journey, trials, pitfalls ahead and how to navigate them. Later in life after stumbled into personal growth books and self-mastery courses and life coaching, living a purposeful life intentionally and I saw how this knowledge helped me. I also realized why many of the disadvantaged failed and I set out to make sure the young adults were given the tools to achieve their dreams, make an impact and have fun doing it.  Without guidance and spiritual growth, success in many areas on life for these young adults did not stick.

Because of my struggles and experiences trying to succeed as a youth with limited support in a culture where I was almost invisible, I learned valuable lessons leading me to where I am today. Thus, I have a mission to mentor and coach young adults in topics such as life success strategies in and out of school; effective study habits; positioning themselves in a world that has become a global village; managing puberty and other topics their teachers and leaders see a need for. When I take my vacations from work, I coordinate with the Principals and I travel to Cameroon to coach and mentor the middle and high school students.

Kola Nut Tree Services – Serving Those in Need

Fast forward

Now years later there is still big need to help the disadvantaged get an education and necessary supplies and sundries. Now, especially due to the ongoing civil war in Cameroon, the land is full of orphans, widows, widowers, more children and young adults are out of school and in desperate need of humanitarian support.   This is far more than a one-person project. So, in 2020 I created the Non-Profit Kola Nut Tree Services, Inc to use as a vehicle to assist more people.  Your donations are tax deductible.

Looking Forward

The plan for Kola Nut Tree Services. Inc is to build a center for the orphans and disadvantaged to live and study and be fed so they don’t have to live with the uncertainty of never getting an education or where their next meal will come from. The children will also be protected from predators; they will sing, run and play like normal Kids. Your ideas and support are greatly appreciated. Children’s books are hard to come by in Cameroon so, we are also looking for used children’s books among many other needs. So far, we have been helping widows and orphans with humanization support and with your help we can expand this to helping more of those need.