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Provide consistent and reliable educational resources, mentoring, coaching and scholarships.


Realize that everyone does not come from your same background. Become a servant leader.


Be committed to promote personal responsibility of supporting people to achieve their personal best.

Kola Nut Tree Services

Kola Nut Tree Services a 501(c)(3) registered Nonprofit organization is dedicated  building a school campus for providing Education which includes: Boarding, Empowerment, Mentoring, Coaching, Spiritual, Humanization Assistance, and medical care to orphans, poor and disadvantaged children in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. KNTS seeks to provide nursery school through high school education to these children. 

This region has been under going war and most of the children are displaced (Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)), so KNTS has been supporting these IDPs, while searching for land to build the main school campus so these displaced children can be educated and sheltered and cared for. Consider sponsoring this project or donating. Every dollar makes an impact.  Thank you!

Kola Nut Tree Service (KNTS) is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.  Join and assist us in this rewarding effort.

Strengthen Thy Brethren

The Tree is in the Seed

The tree:  its trunk, branches, leaves and fruits are in the seed!

To get the tree, plant “the seed” in good soil.

Do your part to help it grow.

Enjoy the privileged process.

Watch the world, humans and animals benefit as it grows and brings it gifts to the world!

The Tree is in the Seed!

Our Vision

KNTS’s vision is to graduate students from disadvantaged backgrounds that are empowered for life success.


Kola Nut Tree Services, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide education, shelter, empowerment, mentoring, coaching, spiritual, humanization assistance, and medical care to children. KNTS will provide an education that incorporates experiential learning, that leads to opportunities for development, and self-expression to children who might otherwise not have access to any education and shelter. Audiences (beneficiaries) include orphans, poor children, at-risk low-income children. KNTS seeks to help children bring their unique, talents, gifts, and genius to the world.

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