The very first year batch of KNTS' Calvary Learning Center Nursery and Elementary School

End Of CLC Inaugural Academic Year Celebration

Calvary Learning Center celebrated it’s first year in existence with an exciting and joyful end of year event. We thank all our donors and well wishes.  It’s been an exciting and challenging experience loaded with joy and growth.  Below are some of the pictures and videos of the children’s performance at the end of year event.

Calvary Learning Center Nursery and primary school is located at the Shiloh Baptist church premise in Tancha, Mambanda, Kumba; South West Region of Cameroon.

The institution has successfully operated for one academic year. On the 6th of September 2022, the doors of the institution was opened to receive her first learners for the academic year 2022/ 2023; but due to the socio-political crisis plaguing the South West (SW) and  North West (NW) regions of Cameroon, no learner showed up in school on that day. But since it was the official re-opening day for schools all over the national territory of Cameroon, though  no learner was there, the administrative and teaching staff of the school were present in school. 

Due to the constant lock down in the SW and NW regions of Cameroon in the whole month of September, schools took off effectively only from October; thus CLC took off effectively from the 4th of October 2022. The school started with an enrollment of six pupils. As time went on, the enrollment grew up to 23 pupils; and for some unexplained reasons, the enrollment dropped to 19 pupils. From October 2022 to June 2023, the school population stood at 19 pupils , 3 teaching staff and a school manager.

In the picture above, is the first attendees of Calvary Learning Center Nursery and primary school at the end of the schools first year in existent event. Each child received a gift (suggested by a joint parent-teacher meeting.) The parents have been very involved in the school and we are grateful for that as we encourage them to continue tutoring the children at home.

Below are some pictures from the end of 2022/2023 academic celebration event:


The event was loaded with a lot of presentations from the children both for entertainment and to show case what they have learned this academic year. Below are some of the videos. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you are informed when we upload new videos.

The Children singing the school anthem, Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary:

Calvary Learning Center’s Nursery School Children Dancing to “I Serve A Living God”


Calvary Learning Center’s Elementary and Nursery School Children Demonstrating Their Fruit Salad Making Skills


Our Nursery School Child demos the joy of being at Calvary Learning Center.  Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Please donate to help us build a proper school and equip it:

Thanks to our supporters, intercessors, students, and staff. Because of you, Calvary Learning Center had a successful  2022/2023 academic year! All the pupils performed very well academically and were all  promoted to the next level. The school is looking forward to welcoming  pupils into nursery through fifth grade  for next academic year.

The staff and pupils are grateful to God almighty for is hand of protection over the CLC family as we recorded no incident amidst the insecurity in Kumba.



Thank you.

Author: Esther Yiyi Lamnyam. Founder Kola Nut Tree Services, Inc.



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