Helping Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Thanks to You


For the past two years, KNTS helped  Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Children, thanks to you.  This blog gives you some of the pictures of those helped. (See more videos on KNTS YouTube channel)

This year Kola Nut Tree Services (KNTS) has been more focused on sending children to school as you read in our most recent blogs.  We want to thank everyone who has been assisting us, especially when some of the children were internally displaced due to an on going conflict that has lead to the killings of many persons in the English region of Cameroon (Southern Cameroons).

As people died and the villages were burned, many were displaced from their homes; some were left as orphans, many were out of school as schools were closed for many years. We thus focused on the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) which included many children and young adults; (see some of those atrocities here .) We show you these images so you know the conflict is real; your help made a difference and that the need for funds to build a school and homes for the children is real. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and protect you and yours. So in the past two and half years, KNTS through a local NGO – Rugbwa took care of these displaced kids – feeding, clothing, sundries, feminine hygiene products, tutoring, tuition.

This blog shows you some of those efforts by KNTS (our website had to be redesigned due to malware attacked so we lost our previous posts; but we can never forget the effort to keep smiles on desperate faces, through shelter and food and games that we provided during these scary times. Thank you tons, for your support!

We ask for your continued support so we can buy land and build a school for these orphans and displaced children. Please donate today.

Here in these pictures and videos is the support KNTS provided from the support you gave us.Thank you:



Videos of KNTS activities with IDPs, displaced children and young adults, orphans and the disadvantaged:

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