Kola Nut Tree Services Beneficiaries Harvest Black Beans In Corn Farm

While Kola Nut Tree Services.Inc’s goal is to build a center where poor and disadvantaged kids and widows live and go to school, KNTS is currently supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) due to the war going on in Cameroon. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) supported by KNTS, work on a farm to harvest beans that supports their sustenance in a new location they have been displaced to due to their villages having been burnt. This greatly supplements the support given to them by Kola Nut Tree Services. The kids now know, they have a big part to play in their survival and future and they have taken on that task and are loving it! Your support brings peace of mind to kids living with new families and some have seen their houses burnt, loved ones killed or don’t even know if their brothers, sisters, moms and dads are still alive. Please support them by donating at Thank you. The video below shows the bountiful harvest of beans they planted.
God blesses the IDPs with a bountiful harvest of black beans. In the video below, the kids go back to the farm after the first harvest to glean any beans left over from the first harvest now ready to be harvested. They are so blessed, they find ripe bananas… easy lunch snack 🙂 !
Harvesting beans among corn; finding ripe delicious bananas, and bitter leaves! They are poised to soon harvest corn: Thank you for your continued support, prayers, donations and telling others about Kola Nut Tree Services, Inc. (KNTS) Please contact us with any questions, suggestions and partnerships. Thank you. Esther Yiyi Lamnyam  

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