KNTS: IDP Children Focus on Praise and Worship

Some of Kola Nut Tree Services beneficiaries are children internally displaced (IDPs ) by the ongoing war in Cameroon. Though some of their villages been burnt and some of the children have no clue if their parents and siblings are still alive, they are able to focus on the joy of the Lord because KNTS caters to their daily needs, shelter, food and sundries through hosting families. In this video, one of the families hosting beneficiaries that KNTS sponsors, makes sure the kids have devotions. In the true spirit of KNTS, the kids are the ones leading devotion even to the joy and surprise of some adults.
We give thanks to those who support us through financial donations and prayers. Your donations and prayers make a difference. Please share this web site and donate to help us assist many more and to eventually have our own sanctuary for the children and the disadvantaged.
(In this video, barely three year old KNITS beneficiary leads worship.) Thank you Esther Yiyi Lamnyam Founder and Director of KNITS

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